web design + creative technology


theUsefulArts is a digital design, web development & creative technology company established in 2008 by Dorian Fraser-Moore.

I have over 20 years experience in delivering digital media solutions, large and small, working with clients across the creative industries. I have a particular interest in data abstractions & interpretations; objects, networks & relationships; the balance between simplicity & complexity; and the power of both design and technology to empower and educate.

I am a full stack web-developer, able to take on board the development of a website from concept through architecture, design, build and deployment. I work using the latest web standards, techniques and industry best practises to create clean, simple, user friendly and accessible websites. I use a self developed Content Management System, or can work in a number of well established frameworks and across a range of programming languages. I maintain my own servers for hosting of client projects as necessary.

I'm interested in creating sites which work for their audience, and build bespoke sites rather than deploying solutions based on off-the-shelf themes which are forced to fit your needs. I work with many small clients but I have lots of experience in delivering sites serving hundreds of thousands of users and have worked on projects with audiences in the millions, and understand the issues around multiple user needs and scaling.

I've worked with many of my clients for the last decade, maintaining and updating their websites as their requirements have changed, and helping develop solutions to new problems they encounter, and new audience requirements. I'm always happy to take on board a new project and bring something fresh to it.

I've also worked on a range of creative technical projects for Arts, Music and Fashion, using technology in creative and imaginative ways, both as a developer and as a creative lead on the projects.

the useful arts (also called technics) are concerned with the skills and methods of practical subjects such as manufacture and craftsmanship. It has now gone out of fashion, but the term was coined in Victorian times as a mirror of the performing arts and the fine arts.

I feel the name reflects my interest and passion in creating engaging, considered and refined works that are approached with both a defined visual asthetic and in-depth techincal understanding and competence.