web design + creative technology

Deveron Arts / The Walking Institute

2013 – →

Deveron Arts approached me to help in the development of a website for their Walking Institute programme, which studies art, journeying and the human pace. Originally I proposed an individual site for the project, but as the idea for the programme developed it was decided that integrating the site into the existing Deveron Arts website and design.

The project tries to get across the pace of human activity from the splash page, encouraging the visitor to pause and enjoy one of the journeys the Waking Institute has undertaken. It then tries to contextualise the work that Deveron Projects are doing in the context of those who interact with it, using a map that traces not only their project locations, but also the visitors to their website. This then hooks back into their existing project database, all sitting on top of their existing site design, with some tweaks under the hood.

The project involved a lot of work bringing their existing website framework, built with Django, up to date, and extending it for the new project. A whole Wordpress site that had been built as an early project of the walking institute was also integrated into the new site, and the existing Deveron Arts website extended to have better mapping facilities.