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Web Development with Content Management System and E-Commerce.

Gaswork's commissioned a new website to coincide with the opening of their re-furbished Gallery, Studio and Office spaces in Vauxhall. I worked with design studio AtWork to develop a new site to represent their new start, to futher demonstrate their place in the Triangle Network, and to create an easier to manage website for them.

The site provides a database of all their activities structured to allow quick access to the most relevant information on mobile and desktop, whilst also providing access to their full archive of work. Management tools are set up to give Gasworks control over all content throughout the site.

As well as managing the migration of data from the previous Gasworks website I also migrated two previous websites for The Triangle Network to centralise all of Gasworks' content and to provide a cosnsistent representation of all of Gasworks stranfs.

The whole site was built on top of a backend framework of Django/Django CMS/Oscar with heavy customisation. The front end was hand built in responsive HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript.