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Grizedale Arts

2005 →

Grizedale Arts V4 Home Page. In 2018 I renovated the site functionality after 9 years whilst maintaining the house style and introducing a responsive design.

Improved layering of content allows people to find out more about the breadth of Grizedale Arts' current and past projects

Social Media feeds are integrated into the site so that information posted elsewhere is recorded and keeps Grizedale Arts' website up to date.

A remote arts organisation who make things, Grizedale Arts' shop is an important outlet for their work.

Grizedale Arts V3 2009 Home Page, launched in conjunction with the opening of the renovated Lawson Park. This was the second website I had developed for Grizedale Arts.

Consultancy, Styling, Website Architecture + Design + Build with Content Management System & Shop.

Part of our ongoing relationship with Grizedale Arts, this website was redeveloped to coincide with the launch of Lawson Park as the base for their residency programme. The website will extend out to allow artists-in-residence to document their work and use grizedale as a publishing platform for their research and practise.

The Useful Arts also work with Grizedale Arts providing technical direction, consultancy and support for a range of their projects. Related projects include: Lawson Park, ToadBall TV, Happy Stacking

2018 Saw an overhaul of the Grizedale Arts website, rationalizing and simplifying the content structure, adding in a fluid design for better accessibility on a variety of screen sizes, and a huge clean up of the site contents.

Revision History

  • 2006-8 - Version 1, Initial Commission
  • 2008-9 - Version 2, Functional Improvements
  • 2009-18 - Version 3, For the redevelopment of Lawson Park
  • 2018 - Version 4, Improvements for more recent needs.