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2014 – 2015

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Kirktonhall Creative Media Centre page, 2014

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Logo Design & Branding, Website design & build with Content Management System.

Kirktonhall Creative Media Group (KCMG), is a charity set up to restore the historic buidling Kirktonhall in our local village of West Kilbride, with the plan to develop it into a Creative Media Centre with technical and training facilities. When I first discovered the project I was delighted to find such a thing going on in my doorstop, and got involved as a trustee of the group.

When I joined KCMG the project had come a long way, but was feeling quite fragmented by local politics and wasn't presenting a clear front on it's intentions and direction; it needed to re-present itself to the local community shake off the stigma of it's early days, and signify and update on it's progress and direction.

To help with this I created a new logo for the group, and developed a simple and clean design direction we could apply to the website to make it approachable and accessible for the varied target audiences of the project. I have also helped in developing the business and building plans as part of the trustees group.