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Lawson Park

2006 →

I reworked the Lawson Park website in 2019, to celebrate 10 years of the refurbishment. The new home page is an interactive map of the land highlighting many of the features.

Lawson Park is home to a number of collections, and these are featured within the website.

The Collection, Library and Plants sections of the site allow a detailed view of what makes Lawson Park a unique place. The 2019 redesign made the presentation of all of these more consistent.

The website encourages people to zoom in through the Lawson Park environment to look at individual objects in detail. The interface is simple and unobtrusive to allow the focus to be on the contents.

From gardens, to garden, to plants or structures, a visitor can get an idea of the whole of Lawson Park with never setting foot there, to understand how everything fits together, and why.

The site design reflects the space where Lawson Park is situated, through photographs used as backdrops, the website provides a window onto these.

In 2010 I developed a portal for residents in the space, which was used to collect and publish information on what people were doing at Lawson Park

Visitors to Lawson Park were encouraged to post short updates when they came to stay at Lawson Park, to provide an informal document of life at Lawson Park.

Documenting of the Lawson Park design collection was started in earnest in 2018, as additional items were being collected for the refurbishment of the house.

A database was created to contain all of the details for each collection item.

For the refurbishment of Lawson Park I worked with Guest Room to create a sub-site for the Lawson Park Library

The purpose was to allow people to see the writings that inspired the thinking behind Lawson Park and Grizedale Arts Programme, and to show it's future ideals.

The first version of the site was built in 2006 as Grizedale Arts started using the space for more projects, and to kickstart the redevelopment of Lawson Park

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Lawson Park is the base of Grizedale Arts residential arts programme, located in the heart of the Lake District, Cumbria, United Kingdom.

I've worked on numerous revisions of this website for Lawson Park as the property was redeveloped and has grown over the last decade.

Revision History

  • 2006 - Initial Website to document life at Lawson Park
  • 2008 - Redevelopment of Website to document refurbishment
  • 2008 - database for the Lawson Park Design Collection,
  • 2009 - Development of Lawson Park Library
  • 2009 - Development of network infrastructure for Lawson Park Farmhouse
  • 2010 - Development of Social Captive Portal for visitors to Lawson Park
  • 2019 - Redevelopment of Website for 10th Anniversary of Refurbishment