web design + creative technology

Office for Contemporary Art Norway

2010 – →

Website styling, design & build with Content Management System.

The Office for Contemporary Art Norway was founded by the Norwegian government with the aim of promoting visual arts and production in Norway to an international audience, and to stimulate international exchange in the arts.

I was commissioned to help OCA transition from a flat file, hand maintained website to something 'more modern' which better reflected the scope of their work, whilst reflecting their established, restrained, aesthetic, and help to improve their publishing workflow.

My aim in the redesign of was: to improve the ability for the various audience demographics to find the information they are looking for; to provide a framework for richer documentation of their projects; to better emphasise the wide range of international connections OCA has and is developing; to provide an improved channel for communicating their multiple activities.

The website is part publishing platform, part database, the goal of which is to link together the various practitioners and organisations OCA work with with how they work with them, to present a transparent picture of OCAs activities at all levels. As new relationships are established, and new documentation is created, the site will unfold into it's full potential creating an evolving document of OCAs field of influence.

During the time we have been retained by OCA to maintain and upgrade the website we have extended it's AudioVisual library, added a live streaming facility, implemented a press download system and an invitations system, and retrofitted a responsive design onto the site.

Revision History

  • Version 2: 2014 - Added responsive design for mobile usage
  • Version 1: 2011 - Initial site created