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Portland Works

2010 – 2011

Portland Works

Website styling, design & build with Content Management System.

Portland Works (Sheffield, UK), built in 1877, is one of the earliest surviving examples of an integrated metal trades complex Nowadays it plays host to a wide range of crafts and arts. In 2008 the owners decided to attempt to sell it, displacing many of the tenants and risking the survival of some of the skills acted out there. The tenants decided to group together and now plan to buy the building and run it as a co-operative.

In 2010 the useful arts were commisioned by Sheffield University to re-design their campaign website to better present the story and to act as a platform for fund raising and promotion. The site is built to be easily managed by the team there and to be able to provide a rich document of a space with a rich history and a hopeful future.