web design + creative technology

Read Aloud

2011 – 2012

Interactive Museum Installation & Website Design & Development.

Read Aloud is an Installation created for the launch of the New Media Collection at The National Media Museum, Bradford, UK. An idea by Ross Phillips, The Useful Arts were responsible for the design and build of the full technology system to facilitate this ambitious idea.

The project highlighted the Internet's ability to facilitate collaboration on large efforts by engaging visitors to the museum to contribute to recording an video book. Each book was split into a number of lines which the visitors could then perform in a booth built in the museum. The video was then uploaded to the corresponding website for the project in realtime. The resultant book reading could also be viewed in the gallery and foyer of the museum.

The Useful Arts designed and developed all of the software to facilitate all of this interaction to work seamlessly with no support for gallery attendants, amasing a huge database of video clips which were stitched together in realtime to perform the readings of the book in the gallery.

The accompanying website allows visitors to browse through all of the videos or to search for their own clip. A responsive design approach was taken to make the website easily accessible on mobile phone, allowing for users to immediately interact with the website and their video clip following it's recording.