web design + creative technology

Slade School of Fine Art

2011 – →

Website styling, design, front end build & integration with UCL systems.

The Useful Arts were initially commisioned to help guide the architecture and implementation of the Slade website to bring the look and feel, and content, up to date, working on top of a CMS, and to better integrate with UCL branding and services. After an an initial discovery and consultation period we were also asked to create the website design working to create a 'riff' on the UCL branding, complementing it whilst also playing with the core ideals and general implementation.

The site build involved integrating with UCL's CMS of choice, Silva, as well as creating an extra media database and integration into services provided across UCL, such as IRIS - UCL's Institutional Research Information System - to create rich staff profiles. Additional components for the site were developed using the Kohana PHP framework.

Further development has included integration with Windows Live! calendars, to allow them to be presented on the website, integration of the annual degrees shows information into the main website, and a blind auction system for use in fundraising endevours.