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The Floating Cinema was commissioned by UP Projects as part of their Portavilion series of mobile public event spaces. For the 2011 Portavilion somewhere and Studio Weave decided to create a cinema on a converted barge that would roam the waterways of East London, including areas around the new Olympic Development.

somewhere wanted a website to better reflect what they were trying to achieve than the existing portavilion website, that would offer them a space to document their process as well as the events, and give them a space to post films of the events thereafter. From this I developed the idea of orientating the site around a map of the waterways involved, styling it to give visual emphasis to this oft overlooked back bone of London's past. This also created a spatial snapshot of events and where the influences for the project come from. Blog posts come via mobile phone allowing the embedded GPS data to used to attach the images to the map.

Over the course of the project an additional record of the events will be created, turning the site from a promotional tool and booking mechanism into a full archive of the events.

In laters years the site has been redeveloped working in close conjuction with UP Projects during the deisgn and build of the new Floating Cinema boat, which we also helped develop the technologies for.

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